About Us

Shop Franc & Green

Hi there!

If you're new to our site, we'd like to quickly introduce ourselves. Please indulge us!

We are Shop Franc & Green, an online pre-loved clothes shop. Established in 2018 to keep well-made clothes in circulation. We think sustainability should weave it's way into every part of our lives.

But we get it, shopping for pre-loved clothing online can be...difficult, let's say. It's a risk. But, saying that, we also know how expensive our favourite brands can be.

That's why Shop Franc & Green are here to help. We source the right clothes at the best price and we check every item carefully. Every seam, every button, every cuff. It needs our stamp of approval before we're listing it for sale.

We focus on upmarket mainstream brands with quality fabrics and elegant silhouettes. We regularly source items from Hobbs, Masai, East and Whistles, ready to update the tiredest wardrobes without burdening the environment.

With new arrivals each week, it's worth checking back regularly before you miss that one thing you've been searching for.

Best wishes, 


Shop Franc & Green Founder


P.S. If there's something in particular that you've been hunting down for years, get in touch at francandgreen [at] gmail.com as we might be able to help.